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I’ve ranked the subsequent hosts with the aid of which of them I might have selected if I had been a blogger today and not used cash. So affordability is prioritized over scalability. That said, I’ve additionally ranked top-rated hosts on this list for folks who want to assist a tonne of month-to-month users. And I’ve taken quite a few consumer remarks from Reddit in crafting this post.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The Google Cloud Platform is the literal first-class of both the reasonably-priced and the top-rated worlds. Why is Google Cloud Platform the best?

They provide a loose $350 credit score for signing up (It’s lost web hosting for 12 months).

It’s much less than $20/m after that. Or if you run the weight balancer, it’s approximately $50/m.

It can cope with an outrageous quantity of traffic. It’s very powerful.

All the “top rate” hosts available make use of this on their backends.

What’s the downside? Well, in case you get to month 2 and your blog nevertheless doesn’t make any cash, it’s more expensive than a number of the alternative options.

But the larger problem is that it’s going to make your lives a nightmare if Linux instructions scare you. I wouldn’t endorse this selection for all of us without a technical background (or that doesn’t need to learn). That said, this men’s step-with the aid of using-step academic makes it easy to install in case you suppose it’s the choice for you.


According to Reddit, SiteGround is the most inexpensive choice with first-class reviews. That said, those costs are introductory gives. They’re going to increase the costs in month 2 of your blog. This is just like how all of those web hosting websites perform (even though our subsequent preference will help you lock in costs for 3 years).

Siteground has quite extraordinary function set for the charge. I don’t like how the intro gives are capped with the aid of using pageviews (and you’ll be walking to replace hosts in case you blow beyond it). But, aside from that, what else should you expect from your WordPress hosting?

And in case you simply begin with the $10/m plan, that’s inexpensive web hosting for one hundred and twenty in keeping with 12 months (in 12 months 1). And it’s not likely you’re going to blow past 400,000 month-to-month visits each time soon. So you’re future-proofed (well, at least till the introductory period expires after a year).


I’m going to get quite a few s for rating Bluehost this high. There are quite a few humans available who honestly dislike them. That said, I even have personal experience with Bluehost as I commenced this weblog on it. My biggest problem with them has become that I, in the end, desired a quicker server.

But, did I point out that it had become reasonably priced? For ninety-nine with Bluehost, you could get three years of web hosting and a domain name. Can you name some other enterprise you could legitimately perform for three years for $100? You can’t, as it doesn’t exist.

Like the alternative hosts, those introductory offers will expire and they’ll increase costs (so don’t forget to lock within the three-year plan). But, three years for $100. That’s something a broke teenager ought to store up and begin their running a blog career with pretty much no problems. It’s a terrific deal.


Dreamhost has terrific popularity on Reddit for internet web hosting. Fast loading, steady assist, clean navigation, loose SSL, quite a good deal of all of the things you want to begin and run your internet site online. And the pricing is quite aggressive to boot.


For my part, I suppose NameCheap is underrated within the internet web hosting community. I’ve most effective ever used them for area registration, but they’ve usually executed an extraordinary task at an inexpensive charge. And their plans for WordPress hosting are very inexpensive. A superb deal at $9/m for 50GB of storage, a CDN, SSL, and as much as 200,000 pageviews is a superb deal. It’s not something you’ll grow out of any time soon.

Nor is there a loopy upcharge in case you do outgrow it. It’s most effective at $14/m for as much as 500k month-to-month pageviews. Very few bloggers ever surpass that size.


Now we’re moving into extra expensive top-rate hosts. Kinsta is an exquisite rapid host constructed on Google’s cloud platform. And as we mentioned earlier, a structure that makes use of Google’s Load Balancer might be quicker than different web hosting options.

That said, there’s a severe markup with Kinsta web hosting. To host this blog, I installed Google Cloud Platform myself. I even have a load balancer, 30GB SSD, and standard CPU example, and it most effectively costs me approximately $50 a month. And for that fee, it could handle over a million monthly transactions.

The apparent trouble with putting in the Google Cloud platform yourself is that you’ll have to cope with all of the technical complications yourself as well. If you’re no longer a software program engineer like me, then Kinsta is possibly the better choice to simply make all of your complications leave for barely extra cash.


I’m now no longer pleased with WP-Engine’s pricing plan. Mostly because $63/m is significantly more expensive than Google Cloud Platform and they provide 75,000 pageviews for that price. They don’t even list what it’d cost in case you have been getting 100-500k page views!!!

For me, that’s a tough break. But, quite a few humans swear with the aid of using it. They say that they’re a terrific host with rapid speeds and that they by no means must consider anything. And I think, in comparison to working for some other enterprise, it’s nevertheless reasonably priced to run a weblog with this plan.

Is Shared Hosting OK for Google?

Many humans are worried that a shared host is probably terrible for their Google rating. They fear that the web may have a “terrible web” at the IP or be horrifically slow. These are all myths. John Mueller has simply addressed this directly. While shared web hosting can be slow, that is testable and so long as your internet site can skip middle internet vitals, I wouldn’t fear it.

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