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An internet site calls for a web hosting platform for its online presence. Web hosting isn’t bought in kilograms, and the billing is surely one of the most complicated parts of web hosting agencies. The billing is so complicated, as there are various website web hosting plans, addons, plugins, certificates, and numerous other extra and non-compulsory costs. Don’t you observe that calculating the whole thing with one hundred percent accuracy is probably bewildering? Now, those web hosting agencies require a billing control gadget to control their customers and keep away from billing-associated errors. Here, we’ve stated the pinnacle five billing management software for web hosting agencies, which makes the task as clean as butter! In our list, we’ve got numerous elements of the charge, gateway integration, control gear, and a handful of maximum vital different stats.

What consists of the web hosting billing management software?

Billing management software lets web hosting agencies control some middle tactics, which include

Clients sign on to product termination.

Manage computerized billing.

product provisioning and control.

Integrate charge gateways to just accept bills from customers.

OK, Now, let’s see what are the pinnacle five web hosting billing management software to accept as true in 2022?

Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS)

Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Policy WHMCS (internet host supervisor complete answer) is one of the famous and distinctly reliable web hosting billing management software, and most importantly, an ultra-correct one. This open-supply billing software program has very nicely maintained documentation. WHMCS offers an extensive variety of third-birthday birthday celebration utility integration, nearby and faraway APIs, and excessive improvement kits. Web website web hosting agencies can modify their modifications as required. Also, we observed its customer, product, and billing control to be higher and more flexible than some other competing software programs. You, as a merchant, can collect enormous reviews from your clients through the use of WHMCS. Clients will have their place to effortlessly control their accounts.

Features of the Usage of WHMCS


Using automation, you could make the customer control user-pleasing. WHMCS gives complete automation of the product ordering method. The bill dates get bounced sometimes, and that impacts the customer-seller members of the family in website web hosting. As WHMCS lets you configure carrier renewal notification earlier than the carrier expires, the “ultimate minute” problem of charge is eliminated. Companies can ship computerized invoices earlier than the carrier’s due date, and it’s beneficial to customers as well (particularly in the case of steeply-priced website web hosting plans).

Domain control

Domain control is a vital component because your customer’s enterprise runs at the area/internet site call. Even a minor problem can cause colossal harm. Using WHMCS, customers can register, control, transfer, and renew their domains for their enterprises, and each time, the method is easy.

Integrated assist-table

WHMCS provides an integrated assist table interface that lets clients make inquiries without problems. There won’t be any similarly determined inquiries concerning the method and time estimation, as they can also take a look at the development at their request. In addition, they could immediately post and consider aid requests made to their internet host.


Security is the most vital element before thinking about any billing control gadget. The inclusion and requirement of financial institution account-associated statistics in paying web hosting payments makes safety the utmost priority. WHMCS wins hearts with regards to safety. WHMCS gives automated bans and safety signals for repeated login failure attempts, so there could be no invasion of private statistics or safety breaches. WHMCS ranks extremely in keeping a stable environment for business and users’ statistics.


Every enterprise desires customization and integration with the prevailing internet site. WHMCS gives nice customizable templates that permit easy integration with web hosting websites. You can also personalize the usage of CSS as well.


Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Policy

Blesta is an open-supply and developer-pleasing billing platform for website web hosting carriers. Thousands of websites and web hosting carriers are using Blesta and praising its awesome capabilities. Its designed interface affords a positive, high-relaxing experience for clients and website web hosting experts. You can effortlessly combine Blesta with the famously managed panels, VPS, and the area registrar. Furthermore, even non-technologists can easily personalize interfaces such as a billing dashboard, customer location, and so on. After downloading the software, you can start using Blesta within a few minutes, and there is rarely anything that will confuse you. Even your amateur team of workers will sense your complete management and convenience.

Features of the usage of Blesta:

Client Management

Client control is vital for any internet host, and without a billing control gadget, it may be tedious. Therefore, Blesta gives quick and handy next-degree customer profile pages and speedy access to the associated tasks.

Automated Billing

Blesta looks after all of the computerized billing controls, which include bill technology at carrier due date, carrier provisioning, suspensions, billing and charge reminders, etc. You can also set your product invoicing to ship to the customer’s e-mail address one day earlier than the carrier’s due date so that the date doesn’t skip.


Blesta is advanced with the aid of using a respectable group of builders with a nice song report for safety. Anyone can audit the Blesta supply code. It gives safety towards consultation hijacking and blocks the brute pressure logins. It no longer leaks usernames. That’s a completely large positive. Blesta makes use of Bcrypt HMAC SHA-256 hashes for passwords and AES-256 & RSA algorithms for statistics. It monitors and logs credit card accesses and changes to contact information. Other spectacular capabilities encompass two-factor authentication (2FA), which secures staff and client logins.

Developer pleasant

Being open-supply, builders honestly love Blesta. It has an effective extension gadget, supply and developer documentation, and a beneficial network that is already prepared to help out. Blesta is the most flexible and expandable billing control gadget available.

Responsive Design

In today’s world, the share of humans’ usage of cell gadgets to get admission to their products isn’t simply better than ever; it is likewise growing rapidly. Blesta’s customer service is built with a responsive design, so it will fit and look great on any screen size. Responsive looks are fantastic on mobile devices. Your customers locate it clean to control their customer’s place from any device.


Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Policy

HostBill is primarily based in Poland, and around 2000+ agencies internationally use HostBill, proving that it’s a reliable choice. It is a popular billing software program for the web hosting enterprise and offers a solid billing, aid, automation, and customer control answer that’s well worth praising. In addition, it gives speedy launch cycles and normal updates for its software programs. At Hostbill, you could combine manage panels, apps, order pages, and customer portals. Not simply that, you may also experience a dependable 30-day money-again guarantee.

HostBill Advantages

Client Support and Management

HostBill continues all of your customers’ essential facts and interactions with customers at one vital point, doing away with the problem and possibilities of confusion. It continues your touch preparation and lets in your aid and income group to show orders, aid case status, etc. Even a clean worker on your aid team won’t sense a bit of frustration. In addition, it gives loads of aid gear, which is beneficial in your aid group to control tickets and customer troubles from the centralized dashboard, and because of this ease, the productiveness of the aid team workers additionally increases.

Hosting and Domain Automation

Managing web hosting and domain automation is a vital task. HostBill lets you deal with website hosting and area carrier lifecycles beginning from signup to termination. It guarantees an automated provision of the customer sources for your control panel. HostBill makes area registration and transfers simple and quick, and a website call is linked to the website’s web hosting provider.

Automated Billing

Just like WHMCS and Blesta, Hostbill additionally automates all your billing operations. For example, it gives the ability to generate invoices for customer offerings at scheduled durations, doing away with the possibility of mishaps from skipping the method. It additionally sends emails at the given time, notifying each of your team of workers and the clients, sending reminders after they require a charge, and that solidifies communication.


HostBill honestly wins hearts with its flexibility and integrity. You’re free to combine over 500 one-of-a-kinds manage panels, area registrars, charge gateways, customer portals, plugins, and order pages. It lets you leap to the present-day markets with no resistance so that you can take cognizance of your enterprise. If you’ve been given a massive web hosting business enterprise, then this pliability of integrations proves to be a boon.

Controlling customer location is simple.

HostBill has designed the patron panel nicely so that it will control the goods and offerings without problems. They additionally provide self-carrier aid websites from wherein your customers can locate clean answers to their troubles. This means that the hours of your aid team workers could be saved.

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